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Net 10 Prepaid Cell Phones – Five Reasons to Dump Your Contract and Go Prepaid

Published on January 26, 2010, by in Net 10 Phones.

Net 10 Prepaid cell phone service is better than standard contract service in many ways. This article covers the top five reasons to dump your contract and go prepaid now.

Reason One: Control

With Net 10 Prepaid you only pay for minutes you actually use. Surveys indicate 70-80% of all postpaid minutes go unused.

Reason Two: No Overages

With Net 10 prepaid cell phone service you will never have overage charges. Since you load your airtime up front it is absolutely impossible to go over your budget.

This is a huge advantage when you have teenagers in the house.

And even without kids, this forces you to be fully responsible for your time. Instead of guessing which plan works best, with prepaid cell phones you’ll quickly get a handle on your actual monthly usage.

Reason Three: No Roaming Charges

Net 10 prepaid wireless providers have deals with most major tower networks so roaming is never an issue. In most cases if there’s a tower nearby your handset will have a signal and you won’t have to pay extra for tapping into the competition’s network.

This alone can result in huge savings every month. Wireless users who travel can save a fortune by going prepaid because they won’t be restricted to the local tower network and nailed with roaming charges for going out of bounds.

Reason Four: No Surprise Charges

Net 10 Prepaid also lets you avoid hidden fees and excess charges. The average contract service’s monthly bill is 20% higher than what the customer was told when they bought!

This never happens with prepaid cell phone service because you pay in advance. Even if the company wanted to load your bill with extra fees and hidden charges it couldn’t because you don’t receive a monthly invoice.

Reason Five: No Contracts

With any prepaid service you can drop your provider any time you want because you’re not locked into some silly contract. You decide when and if to pay, and you decide how much to spend.

Plus today’s prepaid cell phone services give you the same great reception, the same selection of top-quality handsets, and the same bells and whistles you get with postpaid contract services. The only major difference is the fact that you save big money and retain complete control over your wireless lifestyle when you go with prepaid providers.

Is there really any good reason to strap yourself into some totally one-sided contract? Instead of looking for reasons to go prepaid you might want to stop and think:

What are the valid reasons for not going prepaid? Why on earth would anyone want to spend more money and be pushed around by companies that force you into abusive contracts when they could simply purchase airtime at fair rates without all the hassle?

Do you realize that postpaid wireless providers can even renew your contract without your signature? In fact this can be done without your consent altogether! Why do business with a vendor that can stab you in the back any time you fail to read the fine print?

It’s no wonder over 60% of the world’s cell phone users go with prepaid services. And with the great customer service you get from Net 10 Wireless it only makes sense that you should make the change as well!

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